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Battery Testers


Portable Resistance Battery Testers | IBEX-Series

IBEX-Ultra Portable Battery Tester

The IBEX-Series portable battery testers are the fastest, smallest and most accurate battery testers in the industry today. Ensure reliability of backup power systems and prevent unexpected failures with the IBEX-Series. Eagle Eye Power Solutions offers multiple IBEX kit options to meet any company's needs and budget. Test Internal Ohmic Resistance (R) or Conductance (Siemens), Jar Voltage (V), Ripple Current, Temperature, and Strap Resistance to ensure you are testing per IEEE and NERC Recommendations.

The IBEX-Series is commonly used in the utility, telecommunications, UPS, transportation and mission critical industries, and is the preferred battery tester by service groups worldwide. The IBEX injects a minimal test current into the tested batteries and precise & repeatable results appear in just 3 seconds. Battery management software is included with each IBEX-Series kit to easily identify bad cells, create reports, save data and ensure the integrity of backup power systems.

Battery Management / Analysis Software


Eagle Eye Power Solutions offers powerful data management software with our products. Our comprehensive diagnostic software is easy-to-use and ensures the integrity of your backup batteries and backup power systems. Each software program allows customization to meet your specific reporting needs, allowing the user to generate all required reports. The IBEX-Series battery testers, DC LB-Series load banks, BDL-Series battery data loggers and IBwatch-Series battery monitoring systems all use powerful management software.


  • Exmons Management Software


    Exmons Management Software

    Model # Exmons


    Exmons software is used with IBEX-Series portable battery testers. Different tiers of Exmons are included with the different testers in the IBEX-series. Trended battery measurement data can detect impending battery failures before compromising your backup battery system. Easily upload test results to track history, trend test data, view graphs and export to Excel with a click of the button. Print, store and e-mail reports – saving countless hours of manual entry.

  • DataView Software



    DataView Software

    Model # Dataview


    DataView software is used with the LB-Series DC Load Banks. DataView reports provide the test criteria, list of weakest cells, graph of weakest cells, string information, individual cell information, time stamping, discharging graphs and an area to add notes. DataView software allows the user to create customized reports with company name, contact, testing location, battery manufacturer, model number, number of cells, and much more.

  • Centroid Software



    Centroid Software

    Model # Centroid


    Centroid Software is used with IBwatch-Series 24/7/365 Battery Monitoring Systems for the most comprehensive real-time battery system diagnosis and reporting in the industry today. The software displays trended string DC voltage, individual cell voltage and selected cell voltage. For immediate notification, alarms may be sent via phone or e-mail to the administrator in real-time.