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Portable appliance testers


Portable Appliance Tester

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Simple manual or automatic operation
• 120 V 60 Hz operation
• User-selectable PASS/FAIL limits
• Fast test times selectable from 1s
• Ground bond testing at 25 A, 10 A and 200 mA
• Differential, touch and substitute ground leakage testing

The PAT320 will carry out all test requirements automatically with one button press.

PAT320 is the tester if you need high productivity with a tough and easy to use instrument. If you are moving into portable appliance testing for the first time or you don’t want the complexity of database management, PAT320 is ideal for you.

The PAT320 provides outstanding productivity with the capability to test record numbers of appliances per hour.

In addition to automatic testing, the ability to run each test individually is particularly well suited to service and repair organizations carrying out fault diagnostics

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Portable Cable Fault Locator

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■ Arc Reflection Method (ARM®) cable fault prelocation
■ 500 Joule pinpoint surge generator
■ DC testing for breakdown detection
■ Insulation resistance measurement and sheath testing
■ A 4-kV or 12-kV version
■ Fault Pinpointing (Thumping)
■ Optional Sectionalizing Software*

The EZ-THUMP4 and EZ-THUMP12 are compact and light, battery and AC line operated, portable cable fault
location systems. They are designed for quick, effective, accurate and safe fault locating operations to greatly reduce system customer outage minutes.
Due to their rugged yet portable enclosure, they are ideally suited either for use in a “satellite” fault locating concept for remote areas that may have less frequent faults, when ease of operation, low weight and economics are important, or for hard to access inner city locations.

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VLF CR-28/40/60

Cosine Rectangular Cable Testing

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• VLF, DC and sheath fault testing in one device
• Portable thanks to two-part construction
• High test capacitance
• Integrated discharge system
• Reporting

The portable, high-performance and energy-efficient VLF test systems are used for testing cables with 0.1 Hz cosine-rectangular voltage according to IEC/IEEE/CENELEC standards. In accordance with guidelines, the dielectric strength of cables and joints must be checked after installation or repair.

The VLF test systems from SebaKMT have high test-capacities and are still compact, because of the patented voltage wave-shape and the power-recycling during polarity reversal. Aside from cable and sheath testing, the test systems can also be used for the precise pinpointing of sheath faults (in combination with a step-voltage probe).

In total three portable systems are available, each with different voltage levels (28, 40 and 60 kVrms):

– VLF CR-28 up to cable series 15 kV
– VLF CR-40 up to cable series 23 kV
– VLF CR-60 up to cable series 35 kV

View the Data Sheet here!



60/80 kV Portable Oil Tester

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• Lightest – miniumum weight 16 kg – portable instruments for measuring insulating oil breakdown voltage
• Lock in precision – oil vessel with lockable adjustment
• Bright 3.5 inch colour display visable out doors
• Suitable for mineral, ester and silicon oils
• Trip detection circuit with direct measure ment of voltage and current
• Ultra fast (<10 μs) HV switch off time

Megger’s automatic portable oil test sets perform accurate breakdown voltage tests on mineral, ester and silicon insulating liquids. Moulded test vessels give repeatable results in the field and laboratory with lock in precision electrode gap setting adjustment wheels. The transparent, shielded lid is a key feature enabling users to see what is happening within the test chamber.

Megger portable 60 kV and 80 kV oil test sets are the lightest on the market ranging from 16 kg to 23.5 kg depending on model and configuration. They come complete with optional carry bag and transport case.

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Mobile cable testing and fault location system

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High surge energy
• Portable and test van installation version
• All HV-prelocation methods integrated
• High level of operational comfort and safety

The SPG 40 is a mobile, multi-functional system for testing, converting, prelocation and pinpointing cable faults in low and medium voltage networks.

The system is controlled directly via the connected Teleflex SX or the integrated control panel. Depending on the installation, the HV is controlled either by the network and HV control integrated in the device or by a separate 19” Compact City control. All functions of the system can be easily performed using the rotary encoder.

The software supports easy and clear handling, even for inexperienced users. At the same time, the highest degree of safety is guaranteed.

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