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Scope meters

Fluke 190 Series II ScopeMeter® Test Tool

The first four- and two-channel scopes built for CAT IV industrial environments

  • Introducing the new 4 Channel 500 MHz ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscope
  • Extend your arsenal of troubleshooting capabilities by visually inspecting signals amplitude, time, shape and disturbance or distortion characteristics.
  • The Fluke 190 series combines the power of a high performance oscilloscope, multimeter and paperless recorder in an easy to use test tool you will come to rely on in the field.


Fluke 190 Series II ScopeMeter® Test ToolFluke 190 Series II ScopeMeter® Test ToolFluke 190 Series II ScopeMeter® Test Tool



Fluke 190 Series II – 20 years of ScopeMeter® Test Tool Innovation.

As the first two and four-channel portable scopes safety rated CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V, the Fluke ScopeMeter® 190 Series II combines an unprecedented level of performance, ruggedness, and portability. You can choose from 60MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz or 500MHz bandwidth models, with real-time sampling rates up to 5 GS/s and 200 ps resolution to capture noise and other disturbances. All models feature deep memory—up to 10,000 samples per channel— so you can examine very small parts of the waveform in detail. And all models are IP-51 rated to withstand dust, drips, humidity, and wide temperature variations. Fluke ScopeMeter test tools are hand-held battery operated, designed to meet the demands of field service professionals.


Fluke 43B Series Power Quality Analyzer

 Fluke 43B Series

Powerful solutions for today’s needs Circuit breakers that trip, transformers that overheat, motors that burn out, machines that don’t function properly; whatever the problem, you can quickly and easily identify the cause with the Fluke 43B Power Quality Analyzer.
As a Power Quality Analyzer it is optimized for industrial measurements on the 50 Hz fundamental frequency. Because its frequency range extends from 10 to 400 Hz, it’s also ideal for aviation, marine and railway applications.
Besides the unique extended frequency range, the Fluke 43B is the only instrument that combines the capabilities of a Power Quality Analyzer, a 20 MHz oscilloscope, a multimeter and data recorder in a single tool

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i400s AC Current Clamp


High safety AC current clamp with BNC output


  • Companion to your scope or power quality meter to measure up to 400 A AC.
  • Only current clamp available with a CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V safety rating.
  • Specially designed to offer maximum utility in a compact shape.
  • Take accurate current readings without breaking the circuit.
  • Soft non-slippery overmold handle.
  • Optional PM9081/001 BNC/Banana adapter for DMM's.
  • Two ranges: 40 A & 400 A, 10 & 1 mV/Amp output.
  • Max. conductor Ø 32 mm.