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Electricity supply or distribution companies often find that buried power cables become faulty due to ageing or damage. Because energy cables are normally not supplied in lengths much longer than 300m, inevitably many joints are installed and buried.  They are often the cause for cable faults which render the cable useless until repaired and put back into service. Surge generators are used in conjunction with pre-location and pinpoint location equipment to precisely locate the position of cable faults.

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Surge generators are mainly used for the location of faults in power cable networks. They come in a variety of models from 0-32kV.

The instrument described on this page generates voltages selectable between 0 and 32 kV and is typically used in the location of faults in medium voltage networks where supply availability is critical.

The maximum storage energy of the capacitor is 2200J at 8, 16 and 32kV.

All Surge generators generate high voltages from the mains supply voltage, which is rectified and used to charge capacitors, which is in turn discharged into a faulty cable at adjustable intervals.

The unit has an internal automatic dump contactor,  which upon power failure or turn off, discharges both the unit and the cable under test. This is activated when the unit is turned off or when a power failure occurs. It can be operated in the single shot or continuous pulsing method if correct selection is made.

The unit can also be used to perform insulation resistance tests up to the selected output voltages.

In combination with our PCA101 or PCA301 TDR Scope, the unit is capable of pre-locating faults before pinpointing.  Depending on which model of TDR is chosen all popular pre-location methods like TDR, Arc-Reflection, Arc-Reflection Multi and Decay is possible.


Supply Voltage : 210 – 240VAC
Supply Current : 16A
Output Voltage : 0 – 32kV
Surge Energy : 2200 Joules at 8, 16, 32kV
Weight : 180kg
Dimensions : 500 x 700 x 800mm
Impulse Rate : 6 or 10 PPM
Enclosure : Steel, Electrostatically powder coated
Voltage Level Adjustment : Continuously adjustable
Meters : Voltage and Current
Proof Testing : Yes 20mA limited
TDR Filter : Built In
ICE Coupler : Built In
Decay Coupler : Built In


Lid : Aluminium with canvas bag for test cables
Test Cables : 5m HT lead with high current clamps
Earth Lead : 5m yellow/green
Mains Lead : 2m 3 core
Optional Extra : Trolley

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