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Megger DLRO10 Rechargeable NiMH Ohm Meter – Maximum Resistance Measurement 2000 Ω, Resistance Measurement


The Megger digital microhmmeter with RSCAL calibration is capable of delivering up to 10ADC current to measure resistance between 0.1μohm and 2000ohm on one of the 7 ranges and 5 measurement modes. This ohmmeter uses a menu system controlled by a 2-axis paddle to allow the user to select the maximum test current manually. It is built into a strong, lightweight case that can be used at home, in the field or laboratory. It is light enough to be worn around the neck. The meter is small enough to be taken into areas, which were previously too small to access. It uses a large, bright, 4.5-digit LED display. This ohmmeter brings new standards to low resistance measurement. It is a fully automatic instrument for selecting the most suitable test current. The device is supplied with two-wire, four-terminal duplex probe lead set.

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Features and Benefits

250mW power limit (with optional override) to avoid heating the test sample
Accurate results within 3 seconds
Auto current reversal cancels standing EMFs
Automatically detects continuity in potential and current connections
Fuse is protected up to 600V
Multiple operating modes, including fully automatic
NiMH battery reduces weight
Visible warning of current flowing in the test sample
Visible warning of high voltage present at the terminals
Interchangeable test lead terminations


Aircraft maintenance
Electric motors and generators
Inter-cell connections on battery systems
Quality control of resistive components
Switch and contact breaker resistance
Wire and cable resistance


IP54 rated battery
IP65 rated

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