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Megger MJ15 – Insulation Tester 20GΩ CAT I 600 V, CAT III 300 V

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The Megger 5kV compact insulation tester provides an accurate and quick reading of insulation resistance. This tester is easy to use and has an analogue display with a maximum reading of 20Gohm. It comes with a hand-cranked generator plus batteries. If the test button is pressed the tester uses battery power. Otherwise, the crank handle is turned to save battery power or for use when the batteries are unavailable.

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Features and Benefits

Supplied with optional locking test button
Auto voltage measurement function indicates conductor
and auto discharge potential
Safety recessed terminals and long connectors
Four output test voltages
Unique scale overlay for pass/fail bands
Pass/fail overlays for rapid testing
Resilient mounted analogue scale for Robustnesss
Single scale for insulation values to avoid operator error
LightwEight and rugged
Range down to 100kohm ideal for go/no go testing


Electrical Contractors
Maintenance Engineers
Telecommunications Engineers
Gas and Water Utilities
Railway Companies
Cable Manufacturers
Mining Companies


CE certified
CAT I 600 V
EN 50081-1
EN 50082-1

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