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VLF Test Set – KPG 24kV VLF


The portable cable test set KPG 24kV VLF is used for testing of medium voltage cables in accordance to the standards IEC 60502-2, CENELEC HD 620 & 621, DIN VDE 0276/620 & 621 and IEEE 400.

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Test is carried out with a low strain practice with VLF (very low frequency) test voltage of preferably 0.1Hz.

VLF testing enables detection of damages of insulation within shortest test time.

The KPG 20kV VLF can test cables with extruded insulation (XLPE-, PE-, EPR-insulation) as well as cables with paper-oil insulation (PILC).

Cable sheath testing with direct voltage is also possible.


  • VLF Testing
  • DC Testing
  • Sheath Testing
Technical data KPG 24kV VLF
Power supply 230 V (± 10%), 10 A, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage 5…24 kVrms (34 kVpeak), 0.1 Hz VLF (0.05 + 0.02Hz optional)
± 0…34 kV DC
Voltage waveshapes VLF: similar sine-wave, symmetrical, with true R.M.S. measurement
DC:  direct voltage, negative and positive polarity
max. load (VLF) 5.0 µF at 24 kVrms , 0.1 Hz  (app. 20 km)*
15 µF at 24 kVrms , 0.02 Hz (app. 60 km)*
6.8 µF at 18 kVrms , 0.1 Hz (app. 27 km)*

*at a cable capacitance of 0.25 μF/km

Overcurrent trip (DC) 10 mA
Discharge integrated automatic discharge device, max 9000 J
Voltage measuring range -40 … 0 … 40 kV, accuracy 1%
Current measuring ranges ± 0 … 100 µA / 1 mA / 10 mA
Operating temperature -20 … +45°C
Duty Continuous operation
PC interface USB flash drive
Construction in two parts, Operation unit and High Voltage unit
Operation unit
HV unit
17 kg
38 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Operation unit
HV unit
37 x 34 x 20 cm
40 x 41 x 24 cm


  • Extremely compact high-power VLF test device
  • Easily portable from 1-2 person
  • Simple operation
  • Menu-assisted control with industrial grade OLED display
  • Fully automatic test sequence
  • Integrated timer with automatic tripping
  • Integrated breakdown detection
  • Integrated fault time detection
  • Voltage measurement direct at HV output
  • Protective ground circuit
  • Protective circuit / indication in accord. with VDE 0104
  • Leakage current measurement during VLF test

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